Wine tours from Ljubljana

Pictures: 1) Vipava Valley, 2) Jeruzalem, 3) Wine tasting in Vipava, 4) Smartno in Goriska Brda, 5) Wine tasting in Brda

Wine tours from Ljubljana


Private 1-day wine tours from Ljubljana, and half-day wine tours from 40.00 euros per person. 


Our selection of half-day and 1-day private wine tours offers clients staying in Ljubljana the opportunity to visit Slovenia’s most attractive wine regions and to sample some of Slovenia’s best wines.

We will take you off the beaten path to discover some of the best-hidden gems and if you would like to include a restaurant stop for lunch we can recommend some truly authentic and traditional local restaurants. 


Slovenia wine tours


Four Seasons Travel standard private tour options include your own private car or passenger minivan and an English-speaking driver.  Our drivers are diligent, courteous, and professional, and our vehicles provide a high level of cleanliness and travel comfort.  Our drivers are typically friendly and helpful, with reasonable local insight. But please do not expect them to provide the depth of detailed information that you would normally expect to receive from a professional and knowledgeable tour guide. 

If you are more independently minded and you require an efficient, reliable, and friendly transportation service, our standard private tours will be ideally suited to your needs.

Full-day standard private tour = 315.00 euros (1 to 2 persons), 385.00 euros (3 to 6 persons).

Half-day standard private tour = 225.00 euros (1 to 2 persons), 275.00 euros (3 to 6 persons).


Our premium private tour options include all of the above, plus your own dedicated and specialist local tour guide. Whilst our expert drivers focus their attention on your travel comfort and wellbeing between different locations, our fully qualified and licensed local guides will provide you with the low down of the most popular visitor attractions, and help you to discover some of the best-hidden gems. You can expect to receive a good balance of historic, cultural, and contemporary information through the eyes of a local – plus lots of practical tips such as avoiding queueing where possible or providing recommendations for lunch, dinner, and the best places to grab a quick snack on the go.

If you typically enjoy the benefits of an informative and entertaining local tour guide who will add considerable value to your travel experience, our premium service is sure to match your requirements and exceed your expectations.

Full-day premium private tour = 515.00 euros (1 to 2 persons), 585.00 euros (3 to 8 persons).

Half-day premium private tour = 375.00 euros (1 to 2 persons), 425.00 euros (3 to 8 persons).


Your wine tasting and cellar tour fees are extra. As a guideline, each vineyard normally charges between 15.00 and 25.00 euros for tastings, and we would normally include one or two wineries in a full-day tour, or one tasting in a half-day tour.


Wine tours from Bled


Our recommended full-day private wine tour options from Ljubljana are as follows:

– Goriska Brda with two vineyards.

– Goriska Brda and the Vipava Valley, each with one vineyard.

– Vipava Valley with two vineyards.

– Vipava Valley and the Slovenian Adriatic, each with one vineyard.

– Slovenian Adriatic, with one vineyard.

– Jeruzalem & Ormoz, with one vineyard.


Our recommended half-day private tour options from Ljubljana are as follows:

– Vipava Valley, with one vineyard.


Vipava Valley wine road


For a useful introduction to Slovenian wine, you can read Graeme’s blog, “Getting to know Slovenian Wine“. 


To reserve your private wine tour, or to request a consultation or a quotation without obligation, please contact us.


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