Ancestry tours

Pictures: 1 to 5) Clients of our Ancestry tours with their newly connected family members in Slovenia. 

Ancestry tours

Four Seasons Travel is well equipped to investigate your family history and take you to the places in Slovenia where you have family roots. We have teamed up with the Slovenian genealogy specialist, Tino Mamic,  who is an expert in researching family history. 

Our ancestry projects normally begin with some detailed research several months in advance of our clients’ arrival in Slovenia. This means that we have sufficient time to examine different sources of historic records and registers of personal information, such as documented births, deaths and marriages. With the objective of finding the correct personal details of our clients’ ancestors, and to identify key locations, properties and other related places of interest. We can also try to find living relatives and to make arrangements for bringing families together. The process typically requires a lot of hard work and some luck and good fortune. 

Prior to our research, the more background information our clients can provide the better. Any documents containing family names, dates and places of birth, addresses or place names, records of marriages and deaths, or any other personal information are the most critical. Any old photographs of family members and properties can also be very useful.

Where further assistance is required, we have developed relationships with specialist organisations in Slovenia such as the National Library, the Slovenian Genealogy Society and the Slovene Ethnographic Museum.  


Please contact us by email for confirmation of our availability and your private tour price, including the ancestry research that we will conduct prior to your visit to Slovenia. We do not publish any prices here because your private tour will be custom made in consideration of your arrival and departure dates, the size of your group and your hotel preferences.

What else is included in your private ancestry tour package?

1) Your hotel accommodation with breakfast:

We have developed our own “cherry picked” selection of preferred hotel partners, based on our personal experiences and client feedback, which we continuously monitor. Many of our first choice hotels are located away from the main tourist hot-spots, in rural locations or charming small towns or villages which are full of local character. Our most important criteria are hotel comfort, a quiet and relaxing environment, an attractive setting, a good choice of dining options inside and outside of the hotel and very good overall value for money. If you prefer, we can of course provide hotel options in the heart of the most popular visitor locations, but we do recommend that you consider something a little bit different which could enhance your overall experience of the country. At the time of making your enquiry we will check the current availability and room rates for our first choice hotel selections, and these details will be included with your custom made itinerary and quotation.

2) Your entrance fees at visitor attractions:

All of the entrance fees at the various visitor attractions or other activities which are included in your itinerary are covered, unless these are stated as “optional”, in which case you will need to pay for these.

3) Local guides:

In addition to the general guidance and recommendations provided by Graeme, your personal driver and tour manager for your entire tour, you will enjoy the services of local city guides in various locations. Several of the guided tours provided by the visitor attractions listed above include local specialist guides.

4) Other services:

Orientation and guidance at each overnight location including local restaurant recommendations, assistance with your luggage between the vehicle and the hotel lobby, hotel check-in assistance, 24/7 emergency contact.

Please contact us to make your enquiry.

Further details regarding our general booking terms and conditions can be found on this website in Payments and terms.

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