Tour prices 2019

Pictures: 1) Lake Bled, 2) Plitvice Lakes National Park, 3) Dubrovnik,4) Split, 5) Pula Roman Arena. 

Tour prices 2019


Despite working with small group sizes of between two and six persons, our private tour prices are typically lower than comparable “big bus” tours of the region. So you can enjoy all of the benefits of a private tour for less than the price of larger size bus tours.


6 persons Price per person = 2,325.00 euros Total group price = 13,950.00 euros
4 persons Price per person = 2,900.00 euros Total group price = 11,600.00 euros
2 persons Price per person = 4,875.00 euros Total group price = 9,750.00 euros

Please be aware that there is a seasonal supplement of 150.00 euros per person, for tour numbers five, six, seven and eight in June and September, to cover the higher hotel charges during these periods.


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